Monday, 2 January 2012

Fast Food Paisley

A while a go I decided I really liked paisley. I'm not sure why... I think it might have been the discovery of a vintage paisley skirt that I saw and subsequently bought on Etsy. I wanted to try and incorporate to my cards some how and ended up thinking of themed paisley which led to "Ian" paisley, (I made this as a joke for my boyfriend) which involved the Red Hand of Ulster and a lot of NO!'s. Then was Valentines Paisley
and then some how Hamburger Paisley came to mind which led to fast food paisley ( burgers, chicken and pizza). You can see the drawings above - including a non paisley one!- they're still a work in progress but I think the fast food one could make a cute note card or two!
I've been feeling a bit sorry for my self these days. The end of 2011 did get pretty stressful but there was nothing that was actually that major. I was reading post secret today and this secret in particular helped me snap out of it. It's one of those things that people tend to say a lot but it is very, very true.

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