Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hippo and Seal birthday cards!

So I've been trying to get the hand of gimp in an attempt to make this blog look snazzier, I still have a while to get the hang of it, it's really confusing but you can see my use of scissors above! (One step at a time!)

These are some Birthday cards I've listed, I realised I hadn't put any up for ages, I scanned the images in of them earlier but alas, I wanted to flaunt my very basic Gimp techniques... and to pimp out the cards a bit.

In other news, my auntie has offered to take me to Ikea on friday to get a few things for my new bedroom and I am SO EXCITED! Last time I went to Ikea me and my brother played with the scanners and climbed around the shelves of all the flat pack stuff! I doubt she'd want to do the same but it'll still be a fun trip, gotta love nesting!


p.s I cannot stop listening to this...