Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Years.

I've had a lovely Christmas spent gorging in my new jammies, christmas jumper and zebra socks! It wasn't a white Christmas like the two previous ones and it did make me a little sad but Christmas food and TV soon took my mind off things. My sister couldn't make it this year because of work but we skyped her from the dinner table. She was very very drunk which was very entertaining!

I've been thinking about New Years and I think I might actually make some resolutions for once. After a financially draining few months the first one is to find a job ASAP. Hopefully a nice enjoyable one but I can't really be picky... Secondly is to try and deal with confrontation better, I get properly angry/upset about something or someone I tend to sort of shut down and try and ignore the situation which really does not help things. Thirdly is to really buckle down with Uni work, although this one will probably be the most difficult one to keep as I am a serial procrastinator! Here's hoping I keep to them!

Sexy Cassowary Card II

In other news I put up a few Valentines listings! More will be up soon but these are the ones that i've put up today.

Elephant Love Card
Love Heart Giraffe Card

Thursday, 22 December 2011

It's nearly Christmas so here's a valentines day post.

I want to be  a bit more organised about Valentines Day than I was about Christmas so I've been making some luurve cards. I'm not quite happy with the photography so they're not listed at the moment but they will be soon!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Yay for treasury lists...

and being featured in them! It's lucky I call my little cow Arlene!


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Home james!

On the first night I got home it snowed!
Had some proper catch up with a few friends today and I think tomorrow I'll be starting a proper plan with card making/uni work/ house hunting and I still need to buy Christmas presents.... I think for once in my life I need to organise myself a bit!
In the mean time after being so over joyed to be reunited with my dog - I made a doggy treasury list below! I'm pretty happy with it...

Here's to a productive tomorrow!


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Christmassy post

I'm going home in the very very early morn of tomorrow so I thought seeing as I like to talk about myself and that I LOVE christmas time  that I should make a purely Christmassy post.

It's pretty much just a list of Christmas memories and stuff, it was nice to relive them...

A few years back my mum and dad decided that we weren't going to go to my aunts house for Christmas. At the time I was horrified at the thought but now, especially since 3 of us have moved out now i love it. Grama and Grampa still come down for lunch though but G-Ma and G-Pa are the best so that's ok.

One of the main reasons I'm so excited to go home for Christmas is to see my dog. I love her so MUCH! here's a picture of her on Christmas day by the fire place. Her name's Tattie.

The day I wake up at about 4 am on Christmas day and don't see a stocking will be a sad, sad day.

We had a white Christmas when my Australian cousins were over. It was the first time they had seen snow in real life.

One year Grama and Grampa got me and my sister rape alarms for Christmas.

The best thing about Christmas is CHRISTMAS SANDWICHES!!!!!! Not using every single ingredient available is cheating.

Every boxing day we go to our neighbours house and have a pyjama party and eat all each others left overs!

And finally and actually rather boringly...

If I could ask for anything this Christmas it would be those really expensive ink felt tip pen things. A big packet with loads of colours.
And an electric whisk.

Christmas Day 2010

I would love to hear anyone else's Christmas memories/facts!

Big Love 


Sunday, 11 December 2011

First treasury list today. Yay!

I'm at the bottom 2nd from the left... Hurrah for giraffes! 


Greg Walrus

I am locked out of my house. Thank god I have friends who live down the road.

But in other more positive news, after eating my weight in oreos/sensations/the best sausage roll I have ever tasted. I am no longer "on vacation" as my Etsy shop used to suggest.

So click here! to buy some last minute Christmas Cards if you like!
 These ones below are pretty cool too!

P.s I may have just posted this just so that I could use the title "Greg Walrus." God I love Masterchef

Friday, 9 December 2011

Michelle MOO Jr.

Sitting in Cornwall, slightly tipsy on Marks and Spencer port testers and wine. I'm also extremely, extremely full AND I've just been offered more food. Life is good. Life is good.
I've never been down to Truro during Christmassy time and its awesome. The first night I was down I saw a Great Dane dressed up as a princess and a giant cabbage. (pictures soon!)
They've moved the art shop and it's so nice. It has a giant paper fish in the middle and I bought this paper cow figurine thing and I painted it rather childishly (although it is the most fun way to do things) then my boyfriend made it a chefs hat and my little blue cow (with purple hearts) has now been dubbed Michelle Moo Jr. I also finally bought a pretty, sparkly bow from Vickys shopMatin Lapin which I have been planning to wear on Christmas Day ever since I saw them!
It's going to be a busy week what with travelling/moving all my stuff out of my house/uni/carol services and then travelling some more. But then I'll be back home and hopefully there'll be some snow too! (please, please, please!)

Big love, Pictures soon and hopefully a new listing too!


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Big Pimpin'

Oh few readers,

I don't have much to blog about, I'm going to focus a bit more on uni over Christmas. I finally have a plan on what I'm going to do on my dissertation. Well I have a broad idea, it's going to be on the philosophy of sex. Which I think will be really interesting. I have a few books I need to read. I do have another card I'm going to put up actually, but i'll do it within the next couple of days.

Check out my cousins blog, he takes cool pictures and makes you feel jealous of all the trips he goes on. Here it is!

Mach lav


Friday, 2 December 2011

Ramachandran can feck off...

One essay and a couple of sales later I can get back to doing a bit of drawing! It'll mainly be re-listing but the plan is to have them up for tomorrow!
It's been a good week or so though and for these reasons...
 1. I got an Advent calender!!  I will never get too old for them, (I'm 21!) one  guaranteed chocolaty treat a day for nearly a month YES!
 2. Going to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland: Singing Mouse, slides, rides and Carousel bars!
 3. Going to see the tennis. Me and my sister started right at the top, literally it scared me how high up we were but a lovely steward told me that we could get our seats changed to a much better place for free! We did and we were so close to the front it was brilliant!
I'm going to shut up and  make some cards now...