Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Christmassy post

I'm going home in the very very early morn of tomorrow so I thought seeing as I like to talk about myself and that I LOVE christmas time  that I should make a purely Christmassy post.

It's pretty much just a list of Christmas memories and stuff, it was nice to relive them...

A few years back my mum and dad decided that we weren't going to go to my aunts house for Christmas. At the time I was horrified at the thought but now, especially since 3 of us have moved out now i love it. Grama and Grampa still come down for lunch though but G-Ma and G-Pa are the best so that's ok.

One of the main reasons I'm so excited to go home for Christmas is to see my dog. I love her so MUCH! here's a picture of her on Christmas day by the fire place. Her name's Tattie.

The day I wake up at about 4 am on Christmas day and don't see a stocking will be a sad, sad day.

We had a white Christmas when my Australian cousins were over. It was the first time they had seen snow in real life.

One year Grama and Grampa got me and my sister rape alarms for Christmas.

The best thing about Christmas is CHRISTMAS SANDWICHES!!!!!! Not using every single ingredient available is cheating.

Every boxing day we go to our neighbours house and have a pyjama party and eat all each others left overs!

And finally and actually rather boringly...

If I could ask for anything this Christmas it would be those really expensive ink felt tip pen things. A big packet with loads of colours.
And an electric whisk.

Christmas Day 2010

I would love to hear anyone else's Christmas memories/facts!

Big Love 


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