Monday, 27 February 2012


Picture from Oh honey child
I entered this giveaway. And so should you!   For poop and unicorns are awesome!

Oh honey child is an awesome shop! make sure to check out her Etsyblog and facebook!

I have not been up to much, just working away and enjoying the randomly lovely weather that London is experiencing right now.
I also put up three new listings which you can see here
                                                                    and here!   


Friday, 24 February 2012

Productiveness YEAH!

Last night I made some cards and this morning I took some pictures using my camera phone, I REALLY wanna list them but I wanna take some proper pictures with a proper camera first but they will definitely be listed within the next couple of days!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mothers Day

Wonder Woman Mothers Day Mouse from The House of Mouse

To be quite honest, I've been having a bit of a rut when it comes to mothers day ideas, the only idea i've had and actually liked is one involving a Koala. But I'm not going to force anything, I don't wanna just put up crappy cards just because I feel I have too. I've told myself many times that when it comes to the whole card thing I want to take things slow at first, you know find a bit of a groooove!

In the mean time, here are some cute mothers day finds on Etsy! I know it's not for a few weeks but it's always good to avoid a last minute rush and get some ideas in!

 Yummy Mummy Mother's Day Card from Smutty Draws

I Grew This For You Mother's Day Card from Belle and Boo

I should get this for my mum! - from Doodle Graphics

Elephant Mothers Day Card from Orange twist


Monday, 20 February 2012

That's right, a post about my ears.

People often assume my ears are pierced, usually because of a weird little dimple in on of my ears that makes it look like a hole and sometimes because well, what girl doesn't have her ears pierced?!
My decision to never get my ears pierced was cemented at the age of twelve at boarding school with one of my best friends, Beth. Pretty much all of our friends either had their ears pierced already or were going to get them done. But our parents wouldn't allow us ( I specifically was told I wouldn't be allowed to till I was 16). Instead of getting stroppy about it we decided we didn't care, we didn't even WANT our ears pierced! And we made a pact to never get them done, which we've stuck to nearly 10 years later!

The only time I ever think "I wish I had my ears pierced!" is when I see a really nice pair of earrings. (Here's some Etsy examples above!) But to be honest, actually going and getting them done seems like a hassle and frankly, I just can't be bothered. That and the pact I made at 12 years old which I shall honour! Honour to my DEATH!


Peppermint Earrings from Jaros Designs//Vintage Bow Earrings from Standard Vintage//Triangle Stud Earrings from Clementines Jewlery//Vintage Heart Studs from Diament Designs//Vintage Bunny Studs from Lanyapi// Southwestern Bull Cow Earrings from Charm Topia

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Thank-You Mexico

These past few days my friend Sophia has been visiting. The night she came, my boyfriend and I went to meet her in Brick Lane with a couple of other friends from home and my god it was so nice to not be the only Northern Irish one! It was even nicer that Richard was the only English one, I'm not gonna lie, we totally ganged up on him a bit and I loved it! (he's spent the last two years making fun of my accent so I'm allowed!)

Yum! Taken by Sophia!

Unfortunately I had to work for a few days whilst Sophia was here, but we still got to fit time in to go to the pub, visit some movie expo thing (she studies film), and do some baking! But Saturday was our London day of fun! First off, we went to Wahaca went a bit mad courtesy of Mr McKeever. Wahaca is an awesome Mexican restaurant owned by one of  the MasterChef winners from a series I didn't watch. And Good GOD is it awesome. We nearly didn't make it, we nearly got to the point where we thought we couldn't eat anymore but we persevered and we got there in the end! It was tough what with all that delicious Mexican food right in front of us but we did what we had too. We then braved the miserable weather and went to Camden. I can't remember exactly what the place was called but it was inside and had loads of little market stalls with some really gorgeous stuff! Sophia treated me to a little turtle friendship bracelet which I'm wearing right now! I remember noticing all the lovely earrings that I was unable to buy due to a pact with one of my other best friends to never get our ears pierced. I then took her to Seven Dials to some Vintage shops which she went a bit mad in! Lastly, we got some tasty treats and then dropped her off on the Piccadilli line. Awesome day! Missed that girl loads, She and work are the reasons why I am totally behind on my cards but I think catching up with friends is a good reason and I'm going to spend all tomorrow catching up with the cards anyway!

Also had a LAVLY Valentines day spent at  The Wellcome Collection and making fancy sausages. I made him this card...

                                                                                                       Who doesn't love Gregg Wallace?!


P.S  It turns out it wasn't my dad who sent me all those Valentines Cards, it was my Mum! I didn't notice  at the time that my "secret" Valentine at the time had very similar writing to Santa...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Soon, my life will be complete!

A couple of days ago I found out that Sigur Ros, my favourite band in the whole world are touring! When I first got in to them they bloody went on hiatus so I have been waiting a long long time to see them. They're going to be playing at Bestival as well! I went there a couple of years ago to see the lead singer Jonsi do his solo stuff - Robin Hill (where it's held) is beautiful and I just can't, can't, can't wait to go! I haven't even got tickets yet and it's not till September but I AM SO EXCITED!

This video isn't one of my favourite songs but probably the most popular. I remember hearing it on the Radio one night years ago and I absolutely fell in love. My favourite song is probably their first song on their untitled album which is depressingly beautiful.   I know i'm going to sound like such a loser when I say this but no other band has ever spoken to me like they do and they sing in  Icelandic and even when they're not singing in Icelandic they sing in a sort of made up language called hopelandic.

When I found out they were finally touring I made this weird noise of excitement... so weird that my flat mate thought it was a fox!

These days I've just been working really, doing some drawing and waiting to get some new card in the post. It's absolutely bloody freezing here and I really want this ring:

Copper Heart ring from Scape

Anyone going to see some live show's this year?

Mach Lav


Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I love making Valentines Day cards, it's a nice way to spend your time thinking and creating of love inspired things but I'm not entirely sure how i feel about the day itself...

My first valentines memory is making and sending a valentines day card to my Grandad when I was in Rainbows (like Brownies but for younger girls!). Another one was getting some Daffodils when I was maybe 9 or 10 from a childhood friend, although I'm pretty certain it was his mum who sent them, Then I have a long string of memories of having a "secret admirer" (my dad) sending me Valentines day cards.
 As I grew older and proceeded to have no  luck with boys, my disdain for Valentines day started to grow. I thought it was too commercial and all those usual arguments; my thoughts were that if you really love someone you should be doing the sweet things that you do on valentines day all year round not just on this set date. To me it seemed less thoughtful to do nice things for the one you love just because everyone else is. BUT I did always keep in mind that I might just be bitter, due to my severe lack of boyfriends!

 Last years Valentines day was my first valentines day with a boyfriend and I'll admit I was pretty excited! We had a lovely day, I got some thoughtful gifts and he made me dinner, he makes a mean risotto! But i did still feel this weird pressure to be... some how more in love on that day than any other and seeing loads of girls around central London with bunches of flowers reminded me that everyone else is celebrating it too and for whatever reason it made the day less special for me. I loved the things my boyfriend did for me but as for the ocasion in itself, I was just a bit like... meh! I much preferred celebrating our anniversary, as it's much more personal. I don't hate valentines day and we're still celebrating it this year, I'll be a nice day with my boyfriend- We're making the presents, or in my case baking the presents!

So my views on valentines day are mixed, There's still a bit of young Alex who's a bit anti V-Day.  But even though we're getting told that we should be extra nice and give gifts on specific day on the year, if Richards going to buy/make me a present on the 14th of February I'm going to accept it! (see picture above- a card i made but never got around to listing) Also I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with a holiday that promotes a bit of  Love!

I'd love to hear anyone else's opinions of the day, or if you have any nice plans!


Saturday, 4 February 2012


Above is a walrus card that i relisted! and some other ideas i've had... A Chameleon, koala and a Numbat! I'm pretty happy with all of them, except for the colours of the chameleon, I think the pink makes it look like it's been skinned alive! But I think the Koala one might make a good mothers day card.

Today I'm going to be heading into central london to some galleries and things, I wanna try and draw a bit more for myself rather than just for the purpose of selling cards. I love doing the cards, but it's good to mix things up! So hopefully I'l get some ideas!

As of sunday, I will officially be working part time (but i'll taking up lots of extra shifts if I can get them!) which is great because I need the money, but the last time I worked I barely drew anything! Hopefully this time I can manage my time better!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WALES of a time... AM I RIGHT?!

Went to Cardiff this weekend and above are the few pictures I took at the museum. It's always nice to see a giant turtle that looks genuinely happy to see you. They had these funky little animal figures made out of shells which were cute (but also BAD because they buggered up the ecology of the reefs says the museum!) and who doesn't live a shark with a giant mouth?!
Found some pretty good bargains as well, a necklace from topshop for £1.50, a skirt for £3 and a scarf for £1... even a McDonalds for £2. There's a road there that is just full of charity shops, I didn't find any clothes (Our hosts lady friend thinks that she cleared them out of the good stuff!) but did get a cute elephant figurine. Met some lovely people and I have now gotten over my random aversion to Wales!
I have a couple of days till I start my new job, so I'm going to try to be productive. My shop's open again after my trip and I've been thinking about maybe putting up a coupon code and try and getting a couple of last minute listings up.

Yay for productiveness!