Monday, 20 February 2012

That's right, a post about my ears.

People often assume my ears are pierced, usually because of a weird little dimple in on of my ears that makes it look like a hole and sometimes because well, what girl doesn't have her ears pierced?!
My decision to never get my ears pierced was cemented at the age of twelve at boarding school with one of my best friends, Beth. Pretty much all of our friends either had their ears pierced already or were going to get them done. But our parents wouldn't allow us ( I specifically was told I wouldn't be allowed to till I was 16). Instead of getting stroppy about it we decided we didn't care, we didn't even WANT our ears pierced! And we made a pact to never get them done, which we've stuck to nearly 10 years later!

The only time I ever think "I wish I had my ears pierced!" is when I see a really nice pair of earrings. (Here's some Etsy examples above!) But to be honest, actually going and getting them done seems like a hassle and frankly, I just can't be bothered. That and the pact I made at 12 years old which I shall honour! Honour to my DEATH!


Peppermint Earrings from Jaros Designs//Vintage Bow Earrings from Standard Vintage//Triangle Stud Earrings from Clementines Jewlery//Vintage Heart Studs from Diament Designs//Vintage Bunny Studs from Lanyapi// Southwestern Bull Cow Earrings from Charm Topia

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  1. You're in good company - I don't have my ears pierced either... though seeing those bunny earrings is very tempting!