Saturday, 4 February 2012


Above is a walrus card that i relisted! and some other ideas i've had... A Chameleon, koala and a Numbat! I'm pretty happy with all of them, except for the colours of the chameleon, I think the pink makes it look like it's been skinned alive! But I think the Koala one might make a good mothers day card.

Today I'm going to be heading into central london to some galleries and things, I wanna try and draw a bit more for myself rather than just for the purpose of selling cards. I love doing the cards, but it's good to mix things up! So hopefully I'l get some ideas!

As of sunday, I will officially be working part time (but i'll taking up lots of extra shifts if I can get them!) which is great because I need the money, but the last time I worked I barely drew anything! Hopefully this time I can manage my time better!


  1. Good luck with the new job - hope it all goes well, and that you still find time to draw. Did you have a good trip to the galleries?

    1. Thank you! Unfortunatly one of the ones I wanted to go to wasn't open but we went to one that had some animal art that was pretty cool! and the british museum so the day was not wasted!

  2. These are so cute! Hope you manage to fit in your drawing this time. It can be hard sometimes...