Sunday, 19 February 2012

Thank-You Mexico

These past few days my friend Sophia has been visiting. The night she came, my boyfriend and I went to meet her in Brick Lane with a couple of other friends from home and my god it was so nice to not be the only Northern Irish one! It was even nicer that Richard was the only English one, I'm not gonna lie, we totally ganged up on him a bit and I loved it! (he's spent the last two years making fun of my accent so I'm allowed!)

Yum! Taken by Sophia!

Unfortunately I had to work for a few days whilst Sophia was here, but we still got to fit time in to go to the pub, visit some movie expo thing (she studies film), and do some baking! But Saturday was our London day of fun! First off, we went to Wahaca went a bit mad courtesy of Mr McKeever. Wahaca is an awesome Mexican restaurant owned by one of  the MasterChef winners from a series I didn't watch. And Good GOD is it awesome. We nearly didn't make it, we nearly got to the point where we thought we couldn't eat anymore but we persevered and we got there in the end! It was tough what with all that delicious Mexican food right in front of us but we did what we had too. We then braved the miserable weather and went to Camden. I can't remember exactly what the place was called but it was inside and had loads of little market stalls with some really gorgeous stuff! Sophia treated me to a little turtle friendship bracelet which I'm wearing right now! I remember noticing all the lovely earrings that I was unable to buy due to a pact with one of my other best friends to never get our ears pierced. I then took her to Seven Dials to some Vintage shops which she went a bit mad in! Lastly, we got some tasty treats and then dropped her off on the Piccadilli line. Awesome day! Missed that girl loads, She and work are the reasons why I am totally behind on my cards but I think catching up with friends is a good reason and I'm going to spend all tomorrow catching up with the cards anyway!

Also had a LAVLY Valentines day spent at  The Wellcome Collection and making fancy sausages. I made him this card...

                                                                                                       Who doesn't love Gregg Wallace?!


P.S  It turns out it wasn't my dad who sent me all those Valentines Cards, it was my Mum! I didn't notice  at the time that my "secret" Valentine at the time had very similar writing to Santa...

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