Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Important update

After nearly two years of not blogging I had to post this important update...

One of the most wonderful things about travelling is all the amazing people you meet. One of these amazing people was a Catelan... Wait... Catalan guy called Umbert. Umbert used to win art competitions at school and so you can imagine how lucky I felt when he drew some pictures for me (I totally didn't force him to do it).
The pictures of the below, try not to cry from the sheer beauty of them, I expect a lot more traffic to my blog now. 

Sea Lions: They fat. They Lazy.

Elephant Seals: They will try to kill you.

 Gracias Amigo!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Corporate Cat (there's an idea!)

Yesterday I finished my first ever week of full time work. And you know what? it was actually all right considering. Everyone there is really nice and although i'm in a very low position (probably the lowest) at a very large bank it still feels a bit better than selling people crisps. I have tonnes of stuff to learn  know very little about how banks work but generally i'm feeling pretty good about it, I was so worried I was going to detest it! (Oh god, they've already gotten to me, haven't they?!!) It's good to be a busy now, rather than mooching around all the time. Now that I have less time to myself (especially with my work at the boarding school too) I feel more encouraged to get other stuff done. Like silly drawings of lazy animals!

Will suggested that I try drawing comic strips a while back and this is my first attempt. I've always liked the idea of manatees doing mundane things, although i'm not sure if getting ready for a first date counts as mundane! If you want to check out some properly good comic strips have a look at Hark! A vagrant!, they're hilarious and they'll definitely be the inspiration behind my own comic strip attempts! As you can see I didn't stretch myself too much with this one but it was fun and I'll definitely try again to see if I can come up with some better ideas! 

So this is my life at the moment! Working and sleeping with a bit of drawing in between, Having two jobs means that my only day off is on Sundays but I don't mind so much as I love working as a boarders mistress (that's the official term, hilarious right?!) so it doesn't really feel too much like a job.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I wish I thought of that II

clockwork mouse unisex sweatshirt
            Huzzah I finally have a second one of these!
I came across Kathy and Eileen's work when I was selling a few illustrations at Electric Kitsch and had to try really hard not to spend all my money on their stuff! I ended up buying their fox tote bag and a turtle pillow as a gift for Will.
This might sound a little weird but there's a certain creepiness to some of Eileen and Kathy's illustrations and I mean that as a compliment; the reason why I bought the fox tote bag was because I liked how the fox looked a tad evil!

I e.mailed them a while ago and this is what they had to say, enjoy!

First off, tell us a bit about yourselves!
Hello, we are the two Co-Founders of Y.h Clothing, Cathy and Eileen, we are identical twins and are based in London. Y.h Clothing is a handcut and handprinted lino apparel brand, and its name is formed by our two Chinese names, Yin and Hing. Cathy loves colour and studied a BA in English Language and Communication at King's College London before getting back into art, and Eileen studied a BA in Illustration at Middlesex University and likes cleanliness and potatoes.

Have both of you always been interested in art and what prompted you to start your own brand?
We have both always loved art and drawing since we were little! Alongside Y.h Clothing, we're both respectively Freelance Illustrators (you can check out our Illustrations on our Facebook pages (www.facebook.com/CathyKwanIllustration and www.facebook.com/eileenkaihingkwanillustration). We are also members of The Drawn Chorus Collective (www.facebook.com/DrawnChorusCollective), where we have just finished a group exhibition called, 'The Greatest Show On Earth', showcasing illustrative re-imaginings of circuses, freak shows and fairs in Literature alongside many other talented Illustrators - we're now looking forward to our next show in Summer 2014!

Y.h Clothing was thought up over a charming cup of tea together. The idea was to create a handprinted brand that had a true handmade touch to each product. Unlike most handprinted apparel brands that screenprint their products, Y.h Clothing uses lino (or linoleum in full) printing. To those unfamiliar with lino printing, it's a printmaking technique where the design is cut into a plate of lino, and is then inked, and in our case, hand burnished and printed onto fabric (or paper). So when you buy something from Y.h, we can proudly say that each design is designed, illustrated, hand linocut and handprinted by us two Illustrators. 

Who or what inspires your artistic technique, brand and style?
Y.h Clothing aims to create peculiar and beautiful designs for individuals looking for something a little different. The design process is done together, so what inspires us respectively, inspires and affects the final designs. Bold shapes with fine lines. Strange yet beautiful subjects. 

Arthur Tote Bag
What are the main differences between both of your artistic styles? 
The indisputable main difference is the use of colour. On one hand, Cathy's art is bold and brazen with colour; and is inspired by all things retro, Japanese pop art and pop culture. On the other hand, Eileen's work is romantic yet inspired by things that scare her and is muted black and white pencil; she adores detail and fine lines. However, despite our styles being strikingly different, our work also carries subtle similarities; such as peculiar shapes and forms and lithe characters.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to start their own brand and to those looking to improve their artistic skills?
Spend time planning and developing your brand and product - what makes you special? Who is your target audience? Is your product something people would want? If it's handmade, how will you affordably produce stock? Etc. Don't rush things at the beginning. If you're working alongside a business partner, similar to us, then communication and compromise are very important - set targets and continuously check that you're both on the same page! And lastly, be ready and willing to overcome all kinds of obstacles. Y.h Clothing is still growing, but after several collections and with our recently launched, Autumn/Winter '13 Collection "Tick Tock Tick Tock" - which in both design and look has been our favourite collection so far - it's been a blast! (Please check it out www.yhclothing.co.uk)

For improving artistic skills, it sounds cliche, but practise practise practise. Draw for at least a few hours a day. Keep challenging yourself. Also, look for what interests you as a creative and as an individual; these can range from other artists, to music and hobbies. It all leads to what fine tunes and defines your own artistic style and identity.

Awesome Bear Christmas Decorations sold at a craft fair
Thanks so much to Cathy and Aileen, make sure you check out their Facebook and Twitter to see what they're up too!
I hope you love Y.H as much as I do!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mish Mash

First of all I FINALLY GOT INTERNET SORTED IN THIS PLACE! Thank you tethering! So hopefully i'll be back to blogging more consistently. I'm just back from a lovely week in London, I'm surprised to say that I actually really miss that place and I was really quite sad to leave. I stayed with Will in his lovely new house and we pretty much spent most of our time eating in very middle class pubs in Dulwich (I had the best pumpkin pie ever). I also graduated! Woo! The actual event itself was a tad underwhelming, there was a lot of queueing and looooooonnng speeches (which mentioned nothing about the humanities) but it was held in the beautiful chapel and painted hall and I felt like a G in my cap and gown. I also got the chance to catch up with some friends it was all just generally lovely...
I was quite sad to be back until I got back to boarding and some of the girls seemed genuinely quite happy to see me (this was most likely them trying to get on my good side so they could stay up later) and some even gave me a wee round of applause when I told them I graduated, it was all very adorable. It was exactly what I needed. The kids are all right! 
I was just looking at the last picture and was thinking about the halloween party we had in boarding, all the girls had to dress up and most of the girls put a lot of effort into their costumes it was so cool to see them get creative! One of the girls stuffed her onsie and put a mask on it to make it look like it had been dragging her off somewhere , a couple of other girls dressed up as minions (they didn't buy the outfits they made it all themselves and even dyed their cloths!) and My personal favourite was the head boarder's - she cut two holes in her top (she was wearing another top underneath!) and called her self Regina George. A mean girl reference! That was obviously my favourite out of the bunch.
So that's the shortish story of what i've been up too. I have a week of till I start my new job so this week I shall relax and draw, I'm looking forward too it! 
Here's a random assortment of pictures:

Lazy animals (more of these to come)

I've forgotten the name of this cat... is it bad that I find any animal with a cone around their neck hilarious?

The band playing at Liverpool Street Station, I love stuff like this, I'm pretty sure it was for poppy day.

Twat in a hat

Halloween lanterns that some of the girls made

Monday, 21 October 2013

Penguin Obsession

I am like listings magee right now and they are mainly penguin based one's too. I just love drawing these little guys, they're so cute!

As much as I love drawing them (and manatees!) I'm starting to think I should think of something new to draw... I've sort of been considering sloths lately because one my best friend loves them and I always love a lazy animal... I should do a lazy animal series, that could be fun!

That's something for me to think about, in the mean time here's some more listings:

Penguins Birthday Card
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Penguins Christmas Card
Hippo Thank You Card
Manta Ray Card