Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Important update

After nearly two years of not blogging I had to post this important update...

One of the most wonderful things about travelling is all the amazing people you meet. One of these amazing people was a Catelan... Wait... Catalan guy called Umbert. Umbert used to win art competitions at school and so you can imagine how lucky I felt when he drew some pictures for me (I totally didn't force him to do it).
The pictures of the below, try not to cry from the sheer beauty of them, I expect a lot more traffic to my blog now. 

Sea Lions: They fat. They Lazy.

Elephant Seals: They will try to kill you.

 Gracias Amigo!


  1. Hey i rly like your work.. Im from new york and i definetly eant to buy all your drawings

    1. OMG!! Why don't you send me all the money right now, if you do I promise that I will TOTALLY draw loads of stuff for you and not just run away with the money... Just send your credit card number now... No one reads this blog anyway so it's totally safe

    2. Definetly not your father14 July 2015 at 05:53

      Hahahahah the last part is hilarious.

      Okey i will definetly send you my credit card number (you dont know im like the poorest right now)

      And by the way, im definetly not your father trying to make you feel better

    3. That's cool just give me Xavi's credit card number instead...

      Dad if that's you, give me my rich uncles credit card details, you know who I mean....

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