Sunday, 24 November 2013

Corporate Cat (there's an idea!)

Yesterday I finished my first ever week of full time work. And you know what? it was actually all right considering. Everyone there is really nice and although i'm in a very low position (probably the lowest) at a very large bank it still feels a bit better than selling people crisps. I have tonnes of stuff to learn  know very little about how banks work but generally i'm feeling pretty good about it, I was so worried I was going to detest it! (Oh god, they've already gotten to me, haven't they?!!) It's good to be a busy now, rather than mooching around all the time. Now that I have less time to myself (especially with my work at the boarding school too) I feel more encouraged to get other stuff done. Like silly drawings of lazy animals!

Will suggested that I try drawing comic strips a while back and this is my first attempt. I've always liked the idea of manatees doing mundane things, although i'm not sure if getting ready for a first date counts as mundane! If you want to check out some properly good comic strips have a look at Hark! A vagrant!, they're hilarious and they'll definitely be the inspiration behind my own comic strip attempts! As you can see I didn't stretch myself too much with this one but it was fun and I'll definitely try again to see if I can come up with some better ideas! 

So this is my life at the moment! Working and sleeping with a bit of drawing in between, Having two jobs means that my only day off is on Sundays but I don't mind so much as I love working as a boarders mistress (that's the official term, hilarious right?!) so it doesn't really feel too much like a job.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!