Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mish Mash

First of all I FINALLY GOT INTERNET SORTED IN THIS PLACE! Thank you tethering! So hopefully i'll be back to blogging more consistently. I'm just back from a lovely week in London, I'm surprised to say that I actually really miss that place and I was really quite sad to leave. I stayed with Will in his lovely new house and we pretty much spent most of our time eating in very middle class pubs in Dulwich (I had the best pumpkin pie ever). I also graduated! Woo! The actual event itself was a tad underwhelming, there was a lot of queueing and looooooonnng speeches (which mentioned nothing about the humanities) but it was held in the beautiful chapel and painted hall and I felt like a G in my cap and gown. I also got the chance to catch up with some friends it was all just generally lovely...
I was quite sad to be back until I got back to boarding and some of the girls seemed genuinely quite happy to see me (this was most likely them trying to get on my good side so they could stay up later) and some even gave me a wee round of applause when I told them I graduated, it was all very adorable. It was exactly what I needed. The kids are all right! 
I was just looking at the last picture and was thinking about the halloween party we had in boarding, all the girls had to dress up and most of the girls put a lot of effort into their costumes it was so cool to see them get creative! One of the girls stuffed her onsie and put a mask on it to make it look like it had been dragging her off somewhere , a couple of other girls dressed up as minions (they didn't buy the outfits they made it all themselves and even dyed their cloths!) and My personal favourite was the head boarder's - she cut two holes in her top (she was wearing another top underneath!) and called her self Regina George. A mean girl reference! That was obviously my favourite out of the bunch.
So that's the shortish story of what i've been up too. I have a week of till I start my new job so this week I shall relax and draw, I'm looking forward too it! 
Here's a random assortment of pictures:

Lazy animals (more of these to come)

I've forgotten the name of this cat... is it bad that I find any animal with a cone around their neck hilarious?

The band playing at Liverpool Street Station, I love stuff like this, I'm pretty sure it was for poppy day.

Twat in a hat

Halloween lanterns that some of the girls made


  1. I was in London last May visiting my husbands family and I was sad to leave as well. Now we are back in the Seattle area and a year away from going back! I also laugh at any animal with a cone on their head it's a compulsion really, I can't even help it! Your post made me chuckle a few times so thank you! :)

    1. I'm not sure when i'll next be back in London, hopefully i'll have a good excuse to go back soon! My ex's dog had a wee cone round her head once and it was so cute and hilarious because she kept bumping into things! (i'm an awful person aren't I?)

      Thanks for your very sweet comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Congrats on graduating! I love the Batman sloth :-)

    1. Thanks! I'm gonna work a a bit more on batman sloth, I feel he could be a bit better!