Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Years.

I've had a lovely Christmas spent gorging in my new jammies, christmas jumper and zebra socks! It wasn't a white Christmas like the two previous ones and it did make me a little sad but Christmas food and TV soon took my mind off things. My sister couldn't make it this year because of work but we skyped her from the dinner table. She was very very drunk which was very entertaining!

I've been thinking about New Years and I think I might actually make some resolutions for once. After a financially draining few months the first one is to find a job ASAP. Hopefully a nice enjoyable one but I can't really be picky... Secondly is to try and deal with confrontation better, I get properly angry/upset about something or someone I tend to sort of shut down and try and ignore the situation which really does not help things. Thirdly is to really buckle down with Uni work, although this one will probably be the most difficult one to keep as I am a serial procrastinator! Here's hoping I keep to them!

Sexy Cassowary Card II

In other news I put up a few Valentines listings! More will be up soon but these are the ones that i've put up today.

Elephant Love Card
Love Heart Giraffe Card

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