Friday, 2 December 2011

Ramachandran can feck off...

One essay and a couple of sales later I can get back to doing a bit of drawing! It'll mainly be re-listing but the plan is to have them up for tomorrow!
It's been a good week or so though and for these reasons...
 1. I got an Advent calender!!  I will never get too old for them, (I'm 21!) one  guaranteed chocolaty treat a day for nearly a month YES!
 2. Going to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland: Singing Mouse, slides, rides and Carousel bars!
 3. Going to see the tennis. Me and my sister started right at the top, literally it scared me how high up we were but a lovely steward told me that we could get our seats changed to a much better place for free! We did and we were so close to the front it was brilliant!
I'm going to shut up and  make some cards now...



  1. You went to Winter Wonderland without me? *sob*

  2. I did, forgive me! I went with my sister a couple of weeks a go! I would definitely go again though! xx