Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Vege De Lite

There hath been a lack of card making for the past few days due to eating lasagne and being crap at card games at Vicky's house (<-- She's selling pretty bows at the moment and I DEMAND that you all buy them! ... Except the red and white one, I want that one.)
Yesterday was spent in Halcyon Books trying to find a book on dogs because I'm going to make a dog poster, you see (I eventually found one on their website). I didn't find one but I did find a cool WWF book with loads of animal pictures in it so no doubt they'll be on some form of card type thing soon. Then I went to Choir which is always nice, we're practising carols for a service in Greenwich and for someone who's not particularly religious I bloody love singing carols.
And now here I sit in uni, writing silly and slightly pointless blog posts to pass the time til my next class.
I have no pictures but here's a nice song by Kermit the frog and Brett from Flight of the Conchords:


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