Thursday, 10 November 2011


                                                                     Cow Xmas Card

I put these two up yesterday... or maybe it was the day before but either way they're up on Etsy. The seal really reminds me of my Dad, so I've called him Clive... which he may be slightly offended by but I like to name literally everything! (Seriously, my ipod touch is named Susan)

Today has been pretty uneventful, did a bit of drawing a bit of baking (not very well though- sometimes you have to learn the hard way that Magic stars don't really work with buns.. cupcakes WHATEVER). It aint all bad though... because my boyfriend has loaned me his fox Kigu for the night, I 'm wearing it as I type and I wont lie. I feel bloody adorable.

The plan is just to keep drawing really, the more I draw I think the better the cards turn out I think, I much prefer these last few cards to some of the ones I  originally put up so I'm hoping that the more I draw the more I can improve.

Mach Lave,

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