Saturday, 12 November 2011

Free pants! (FOR SALE IV)

 Today was a nice day. Spent the night in a Kigu again, had Oreos for breakfast. Then we went into Shorditch  to see the bfs aunties stall which has such cool things; pillows and bags and cards and stuff and when we left to go get a bagel, someone handed me a flyer for a free pair of pants! Brilliant! If there's anything that's always going to come in handy, its a free pair of pants. Especially when it's nearly time for laundry day! They're purple and frilly and have bows one them, which always goes down well with me! They came from a shop called " The fairy goth mother" and is worth a look if you're into sexy burlesque/goth-y type things. Now after tidying my room and eating my ramen noodles for dinner I'm feeling pretty nice!

                                             I also put these two new listings up today:
Messy Pup Christmas Card

Elephant Christmas Card


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