Thursday, 3 November 2011


One day I am going to actually make these into cards, but I feel like the world doesn't want me too at the moment, what with me loosing my good pens and pencils, and my rubber too. I haven't lost my ink/paint yet but I wouldn't be surprised if I did.  But today i figured I should stop being cranky about it and at the very least do a bit of drawing hence these wrong way around drawings today. Of course they all need to be greatly improved upon but I like the general ideas and even though the frog does look like it has a massive left boob. I kinda like that too. These drawings are based on pictures of a David Attenborough book that I got for a quid in Greenwich. Except for the moose one actually, that's from a book that's all about Moose (Mooses? Moose's... I think its Moose ANYWAY), this Moose in particular always ends up looking pretty apologetic so I'm going to use him for some sorry cards I think.  The bird is one at the top is of my favourites, the first time I saw it I automatically assumed that it was hitting on me. Saucy Minx. Pretty happy with the one at the bottom too. I did this for my boyfriends dad's birthday (excuse the flash- I didn't take this picture! but it's all I have!) and I'm pretty happy with it.

Any way if my next post doesn't involve me talking about how I've put up new stuff for sale then all 8 of you (woo!) can slap me.


P.s I'm not sure how the first paragraph ended up all underlined but all I know is that I don't know how to get it off.

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