Friday, 28 October 2011


New Job means lack of posting and even drawing! It's been pretty tiring but it's good to be working again, although I did stupidly manage to be late on my first day!

Last Saturday I went up to Edinburgh to see my mum and my sister where I finally got to try Yo! Sushi! It was good but there used to be a sushi place in Greenwich that was much better... That said it got shut down because they had rats... but anyway it was lovely to catch up with them and Edinburgh's one of my favourite cities so it's always nice to go up. We then went  down to Newcastle to see my brother for the day which was nice too, my brother was very happy because I was staying with one of my best friends who happens to be very beautiful and so it was an excuse for him to try (and fail) to get in her pants. One of the reasons why Newcastle is so brilliant is because out pub quiz team WON A KEG! A whole fecking keg! It was a shame I had to leave the next day but I made the most of it whilst I could.

So it's been a busy week hence the lack of drawings and also photos in this post, the plan is to actually get some cards up for sale with in the next couple of days... Here's hoping!


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