Monday, 10 October 2011

Like these but better...

 I'm not entirely sure if my Elephant and Giraffe look like they're have Santa beards or if they look like they have rabies. I plan on turning other animals in to St. Nick, but this time more sea life than wild life.

In other news I found a brilliant new dress for £13 quid a couple of days ago in Deptford, which is close to where I live. it's from this little vintage shop called Rag n Bone which has a mixture of bargains and some random expensive stuff too. Speaking of expensive, the lady at the till nearly charged my 12 grand for it but luckily I noticed something wasn't right with the numbers before I pressed enter. And so I bequeath wisdom upon you, my six followers (thank-you!) and any one else who may be randomly reading , go check out those shops near by, even if you live some where slightly gross ( I love you really sef landan )you may find a little gem or two.
Mach Lav

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