Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Kent files part II (Etsy shop gets jazzed up)

Running away to Kent for a few days was definitely a good idea. Had a big ol' girly chat with my cousin (I also  used her camera to take the photos, Thanks cuz!) And baked a couple of Oreo based delights with my other cousin. My aunts kitchen was so good for pictures that I retook all the pictures for my listings! It looks far, far nicer and since changing them all yesterday, I've actually had people like my shop, rather than just items. The only thing now is trying to find an equally great place to take pictures in my own house because I can't just pop down to take some pictures when I want to list an item. But i'll think of something, at least now I actually have an idea of the sort of photographs I want.
Seal Christmas Card  (part of a pack)

Zebra Christmas Card (part of a pack)

Pelican Christmas Card (part of a pack)

Puppy Christmas Card (part of a pack)
It's been quite a good time for sales, My sister bought a few off me, which was really nice and yesterday the first person who I don't know  bought my Giraffe card! That had been my first goal (I know I don't exactly dream big!), to have at least one person (who doesn't know me) stumble along the shop and buy a card. Now I wonder what my new goal should be? Hmmmmm
So yes, a good time all around. Now I'm back it's time for a nice day out in Central London looking for art supplies and having Lasagne with bf's sister. Yumyumyumyum...


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