Friday, 9 December 2011

Michelle MOO Jr.

Sitting in Cornwall, slightly tipsy on Marks and Spencer port testers and wine. I'm also extremely, extremely full AND I've just been offered more food. Life is good. Life is good.
I've never been down to Truro during Christmassy time and its awesome. The first night I was down I saw a Great Dane dressed up as a princess and a giant cabbage. (pictures soon!)
They've moved the art shop and it's so nice. It has a giant paper fish in the middle and I bought this paper cow figurine thing and I painted it rather childishly (although it is the most fun way to do things) then my boyfriend made it a chefs hat and my little blue cow (with purple hearts) has now been dubbed Michelle Moo Jr. I also finally bought a pretty, sparkly bow from Vickys shopMatin Lapin which I have been planning to wear on Christmas Day ever since I saw them!
It's going to be a busy week what with travelling/moving all my stuff out of my house/uni/carol services and then travelling some more. But then I'll be back home and hopefully there'll be some snow too! (please, please, please!)

Big love, Pictures soon and hopefully a new listing too!


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  1. Bless your socks, you lovely drunkard xxxxx