Friday, 27 January 2012

I want, I want, I want!

winged heart necklace from olympias//Mini 60's Dress from RustBeltThreads//Jaguar Button Up Shirt from Huckleberry Vintage//Vintage tweed skirt from AmprisLoves//Chevron Necklace from SPARKLEFARM

I've definitely been bitten by consumerism these days! I just want everything! Especially these awesome things from Etsy but I'm going to be good and save up for some trips to see my friends. Even though I can think of many excuses as to why I should buy these wonderful things, I never see my friends from home enough (they're dotted around the UK at their respective Uni's) So I'm going to be good and recommend that you, dear reader, buy them!



  1. Hopping over here from the Etsy Blog Team. :)

    I love the dress! So bright and colorful. It is so tough not to buy all the time when you see wonderful things on Etsy day. Sharing finds on your blog is a good way to spread the love.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

    1. I only just saw your comment now! but thank you for your comment and the dress really is rather pretty isn't it? It'll be a test for me to not buy it!