Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The bike formally known as Billie

Yesterday I went to North London to get a free bike off Vicky!! I have always wanted a bike for London, It'll save me money and I think now that I will be cycling most places, it'll be alright that I have a tendency towards eating whole packs of double stuff Oreos at once. Vicky also gave me a wok, some file drawers, (i'm not sure if that's what you actually call it but it's a storage thing that I'm going to put on my desk) some cool light things to put in my garden, an iron and an elephant candy jar! She's moving house and wanted to get rid of a load of stuff so me and Richard happily went over and helped her out in that department. Getting a bike and various other home wares from north london to south london was quite the challenge but when I was coasting down hill from the train station to my house it was well worth it. Today I also found out that I got the job that I interviewed for which is such a relief AND I also sold my first valentines card! A couple of my cards have been featured on some treasury lists too! I've put them below...

So it's been a pretty good couple of days all around! Above is some pictures of my pink bike and some card
ideas, there very much  just ideas, I still want to do much cooler patterns...



  1. Congrats on all the good luck! Love that bike!

  2. You cheeky monkey - it's Billie, like Billie Piper :)

    I'm glad you like her and all your other new goodies! If I find anything else I think you'll like I'll bring it down to you next time!

    And well done on the job and card front, woop!

  3. Congratulations on all the good stuff! Loving that pink bike :-)

  4. Vicky- I changed it and yeah let me know if you want rid of anything else, I've already used the wok to make cookie dough in! Thanks again for all the stuff!

    MagpiesLaundry + sweet posey dreams - thanks for the comments! here's hoping the good luck continues!