Sunday, 22 January 2012


I've spent most of the day retaking pictures of my cards, it usually take a few goes for me to find a background that I really like. My favourite place is on top of one of my aunt's cabinets in her kitchen in Kent. But Kent is an hour and a half a way and it's just generally much easier for me to take pictures for my cards in my own home, that way when I go visit I'm not just taking pictures the whole time! My new listings are taken in the conservatory (well sort of... it's the best was to describe it!) of my new house, where there's lot's of light and light green walls. I placed my cards on my white Ikea book case, and used my Elephant teapot as a little prop sort of thing, I think It's nice to have something a little different in the background. What I'd really love is to have the teapot blurred a bit but i've totally forgotten how to do that! When I do I'll probably retake them all again. So as you can see, I'm using lot's of trial and error!

I mentioned my Elephant tea pot, which is awesome. I've started to collect animal teapots fairly recently because I just find them quite hilarious! And very cute too. I've only ever found any in charity shops in Truro, Cornwall but I always like to keep a look out.

One day I'll post the one's I have (although you can see the elephant one in some of my listings) but in the mean time these other vintage teapots are cool too!

Bar keep Teapot by SeaPillowTeasuries

Owl Teapot by Jollywolly

Dancing Ducks Teapot by HobartCollectables

Fruit Teapot set from Binky Lovecat

Cottage teapot by Joyce Emmott

Kitty Cat Teapot by Northstar Vintage



  1. Love all the teapots! I think the barkeep one is my favorite!

  2. I love drinking loose leaf tea. These tea pots are amazing!

  3. It's funny you mention that, because weirdly as a teapot collector, I don't really drink tea! I'm more of a hot chocolate kind of girl!

  4. Aren't those funny! It's fun to have a collection and keep on the lookout for additions.