Wednesday, 4 January 2012


The weather is so miserable here that there isn't a decent enough light for me to take any remotely good photo's so these are scanned in images of what I've been doing.

So I've been playing around with more paisley stuff. This time I've gone for Cow themed paisley because they're my favourite animal. They're just great! I threw in some cheese and milk, cow pat and daisies (cus you know... Daisy the cow?! Anyway). The other two to the left are a couple of birthday cards that I'm going to list if the sun ever returns to Northern Ireland.

This is pretty much all i've been doing these days, drawing silly pictures and listening to Desert Island Discs! Not long till I'm back in London, where I have many things to do but the thing I'm most looking forward too is glasses shopping! I'm supposed to wear them all the time but I lose/break them constantly I haven't worn them for at least 6 months which is bad. I can live with out them but it causes many a headaches. I'm looking forward to that, I've even had a look on Etsy but I could never buy a pair with out trying them on!

Big Love and I hope everyone's enjoying 2012 so far!


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