Sunday, 29 January 2012

Damn you malteaser bunnies!

Well I think my Gimp skills are coming along but I still have a bit more to go. Above is a picture of my first ever custom order... At least I think it is... Well all I know is that I got an e.mail from a nice lady asking me to make it for her. It was actually a little stressful to make! I think because there was a bit more pressure to get it right because someone had specifically asked for it! It took a few attempts to get it perfect but I think I got there!  It's probably one of my favourite cards that I made. The middle picture is my new Candy jar that I got from Vicky! It has been adequately filled with lots of chocolate. The third is my semi failed attempt at making oreo stuffed cookies. I say semi failed because I couldn't get them to cook properly, I think because I put them all too close together and they made one giant cookie (should have taken a photo!) and also because I also made malteaser bunny stuff cookies too and I think the malteaser-y ness off malteaser bunnies may have been what made them so soggy in the oven. BUT. Once I got them out and they set they were still pretty damned tasty anyway... like half baked cookies. And everyone loves cookie dough. I am absolutely trying them again though!

I am off to Cardiff tomorrow morning, so my shop will be closed for a couple of days but will be open again Tuesday evening.

Happy Sunday!


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