Monday, 7 May 2012

Gentle Ray

I told myself I was gonna take some time to focus on my last exam so I've obviously spent the last few days in a big old state of procrastination. I've been drawing out loads of animals on shrinkle for magnets/badges/key rings but the main focus of my procrastination was this guy: GentleRay Jack! Manta rays have always been my favourite kind of fish - I actually had a really strange dream about one last night, the poor guy was swimming around in the living room (living room filled with water obvs!) and didn't seem to notice that there was no water in the kitchen poor guy just flew right in there and fell straight to the floor. I can't remember if we saved it in the dream but I assume we did... ANYWAY! So I wanted to do a Manta Ray and I'm not sure when but I decided it should be a gentlemanly Manta Ray... Gentle Ray!

So these guys...

Turned to this!

He's not QUITE perfect but I'll get there. But I really need to tackle Chomsky first.
Hope everyone has a brilliant week!



  1. I like it! When I had my finals last week, I kept feeling the urge to shop for vintage jewelry instead of studying. Whoops!

  2. Ha! I love gentleray jack! His name is pretty awesome too!