Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sexy blog crushes

I still consider myself fairly new to this whole blogging fandango and just recently I've been starting to develop some serious blog crushes:

Matin Lapin

Am I biased because she's my boyfriends sister? or because everytime I go see her she gives me stuff like bikes , woks and oreos? or because she teaches me cool stuff like how to make key-rings? Nah. Because her blog is full of her shop updates, which you should all check out and general crafty goodness. She also knows loads of cool stuff like that there's such thing as world stationary day! Who the heck knew? And with posts called "I don't think you're ready for this horse fly?!" and "peacock + chocolate = pea choc", Matin Lapin is a blog I can objectively love!

Cheeky Cheeky

Cheeky Cheeky is my first serious blog crush after Matin Lapin. I can't quite pin point what exactly it is, but I think mainly because Carmen blogs about pretty much anything she wants and always makes me giggle.  Also because she is unapologetic about her love for reality TV (which is something I've always been slightly ashamed of). She makes me want to have a blog like hers but also not like hers because I feel like that would be blogger plagiarism. Check out her vintage shop too!

Stela Bird

Ever since I read her DIY ring tutorial I've been hooked! In it, she uses a wooden disk to make a ring, which you can also use to make a magnet and badge too and I just recently received the supplies to make my own magnets!  Recently she had an earring one too which I'll have to try out too, her tutorials are so simple which is perfect for some one who gets confused very easily (i.e. me!). And I am sucker for a blog that involves adorable dogs! I also want her house.

Marvelous Darling

I always love it when I come across a blog by someone around the same age as me and studying too! Marvelous Darling posts great links on Sundays and her posts can just get down right inspirational - check out her post What do you want? My favourite thing about Sarah's blog is that it's sex positive, something which I think is extremely important in this day and age weather it be because of alarmingly high STI rates or because negative connotations surround a woman who openly enjoys her sex life.

Check 'em out!


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