Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bumming around

I done gone and made some chocolate brownies! I was pretty nervous as I've never made them before and I used the same recipe as my mum uses (i think it's Nigella's). Mum always makes them absolutely perfectly so I has a lot to live up too! But I'm pretty happy with my first attempt. Actually making them made me realise that these brownies, although amazing are the most calorific/unhealthy possibly of all time. I used 6 eggs... SIX also around 675 grams of chocolate all together and more than a tub of butter! Oh well the truly tasty things in life are never going to be good for you are they? Also I'm gonna be sharing these bad boys around to prevent a chocolate induced heart attack. I thought I'd take some pictures, mainly because this was the first time I'd ever had such a big bowl of melted chocolate in front of me and I just had to capture the moment.

Earlier in the week I met up with Eliza for some cawwwfee (come to think of it, both of us had hot chocolate). I've known Eliza from nearly the very beginning of Uni. We used to get the bus back together from the philosophy society and have know idea what each of us was on about because neither of us understood each others accent - she's half Ecuadorian, half Russian (sexy) and I'm northern Irish- but now we actually understand each other, we have some pretty good conversations. She likes to paint and is bloody good at it too! Have a look at her society6 page and her blog - my favourite thing about her paintings are that the are so completely her (so much so that I felt I need to make the "her" bold).
Eliza is probably one of the very few people I will ever meet up for a coffee with and then end up having my tarot cards read. It was pretty interesting and i think some bit were right but my future card told me that I was going to be a doctor or a lawyer - like some sort of strict career- and if that ever happens I will give Eliza a tenner because although I did actually USED to want to be a doctor when I was very young, I am in no way dedicated enough to follow that path!

Eliza getting her mystic on... in starbucks

Good week all around then - last night me and Richard met up with his family in Greenwich and then went out for some of the tastiest Indian I've ever had. The night ended with Richard's granny hugging me good bye and saying "oh Alex, you're just a little leprechaun!"

Hope everyone else had a good week!


  1. Oh Granny F - she's so funny!

  2. It looks like the brownies turned out perfectly!