Monday, 30 April 2012

Craft Ahoy!

On Saturday me, Vicky and Vickie,s friend Laura went to Wonder hill Craft market in London Bridge! There were some many lovely things and spent too much money BUT I did spend most of it on other people so I'm just going to assume that that makes it ok.
Afterwards I went back to Vickie's and she taught me how to use Shrinkle so I can make some keyrings and badges for my etsy shop/the next craft fair -Shrinkle is basically a sheet of plastic you can draw on and cut out, it then shrinks (get it!?) and thickens in the oven- Good lord is it addictive! I promise watching your potential key ring flapping around in the oven is better than TV. Anyway here's some photos.

The process...


So obviously these guys aren't perfect. The thing is, is that the colours get a lot darker in the oven so I still need to figure out what shades to use and harness my cutting skills and then everything will be Dandy. Also i've learnt that I prefer to use white sheets rather than clear ones, at least for animals anyway,

Vicky gave me some sheets to experiment with when I get home and this has been the best one so far:

At the fair Vicky got me this awesome badge from Oh Pair and I treated myself to a new necklace and I love it! It's from Di Does Vintage. (Her blog is here!)


  1. Loving the colours! I like the bear and the pitbull. Necklace is also gorgeus! Checking out their sites!

    via EBT

  2. Oh, these look fun! :)


  3. Bear in pants! Bear in pants!

  4. I love the bear in pants and the lighter colours work so well

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! :)