Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Post Easter Ramblings


I do hope everybody enjoyed their easter! I got a surprising amount of easter eggs this year which was nice. I also managed to actually have some sort of restraint when my mum sent me an easter egg last week. She told me I wasn't allowed to eat it till easter sunday and I STILL haven't eaten it yet and that's a pretty big deal to me! I went up to Ascot to see my Aunt and Cousins and had such a good time! It was a nice long day of Sausage sandwhiches, prosecco, roast dinners, naps, easter eggs and chocolate cake! I was quite sad to leave but the train journey was a good excuse to get a good bit of reading done on the train!

Last night I finished all my cards! I still might make some more but I've done the minimum that I wanted to do which is good. All this excessive card making is for a little craft fair in Hither Green in South East London. I'm quite excited but was also relieved when Vicky posted on her blog about how she was freaking out about it too! I'll be doing a stall with her you see.

It is quite a scary thought, even if it is a little fair in hither green, I want have my laptop to hide behind like I usually do. That said on easter sunday I was watching this TV show all about Dame Judy Dench. They were talking about this film she did that was only released on mobile phones and the director said that when she told her about it Dench said "sounds quite scary... I guess I better do it then!" So that's the sort of attitude I'm taking to it now, I'm quite scared but I think doing something your scared of is a good thing to do, I think if you don't you're not really going to get anywhere are you? Because as vicky said even if the stall doesn't go well then I can learn from it and improve the next time.

Today I went up to North East London to see Vicky and she found me a nice little display thingy (I don't know what the proper term for it is!) So I'm feeling a bit better about how my little card display will look too!

I'll be putting some pictures up soon!
Also is there are any Londoners reading the Craft fair will be at Lochaber Hall in Hither Green, South East London!


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