Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So I had this whole idea that whilst I was home I would TOTES have loads of time to do work, meet up with friends, catch up with my family and update my blog fairly regularly- even though I didn't bring my Lap top with me! I managed to do all of the above except for the blog updating, one of the main reasons being that I forgot my SD card for my camera because I wanted to put some pictures up but alas it did not happen.

I've been back in London for few days now and I'm still living in a state of shock that I actually did some studying whilst I was back home, so I'm fairly prepared for my presentation next week. Then I have to study for an exam on the 15th of may and I am DONE with 2nd year (take two). I finnish quite early so I'm hopefully gonna be able to focus a lot more on the whole card thing and learn how to make other little craft things too. This Saturday Vicky is going to teach me how to make key rings which I'm really excited about! We're going to be doing another craft fair on the 26th of May which will be cool! and I still have cards left over from the last fair so I can relax a bit more (only a bit). My plan is to order everything I need within the next few days and then be really boring and focus on my uni work but after my exam on the 15th I will be in full card/key-ring/ maybe even magnet making mode!

So basically, from now till the 15th my blog shall be more boring than usual but once that date has passed it shall receive lots of love and attention... I might even try my hand at having a couple of regular features!


P.S Today in between classes I was standing next to a big boat whilst watching an orchestra play. London you aight.

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