Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I'm back home in Norn Iron (that's Northern Ireland for those who don't know the linguo) and boy is it good to be back. I arrived at the airport to my brother and sister and my puppy in the car and then came home to a MASSIVE bonfire and all the neighbours too. It was a nice night to come back to roasting marshmallows and eating hot dogs and my mums amazing brownies!

At the moment I'm sitting in the living room on my brother laptop with said puppy napping at my shoulders. The plan this week is to get some glasses, get started on my uni presentation (all about mental health, should be interesting), meet up with a few friends if I can and go up to see G-Ma and G-Pa. I've already got my glasses, They're bright blue! and I've started making notes for my presentation so, so far things are going according to plan! Tonight One of my neighbours is competing for Mr Belfast which I think is just HILARIOUS. I've known this boy for years now and because he's a friend of my brother he has obviously spent most of these years irritating the hell out of me but tonight we are all totes Team Daniel, we're all especially looking forward to the swimstuit round! Oh BABY!

Since I left my SD card in my Laptop in London I don't have any pictures but here's some stuff i'm loving on etsy...

Tangerine Shift Dress from Cristalina C
We've already had Mothers Day here in the UK but this is card is so funny! From
Wit and Whistle
Adorable Bear and Cub Print from Claire Hartigan

Shiney pretty skirt! from Princess Toadie



  1. Sounds like a wonderful homecoming. The Mr. Belfast event should be a hoot.

  2. Thanks! it was a lot of fun although sadly Daniel didn't win :(