Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Macaroons in the rain

The top two are a  Raspberry Chocolate ganache truffle from Paul A Young and a rhubarb and custard one from Fortnum and Mason.
The bottom two are a White Chocolate truffle from Prestat and a Bannoffe pie one from Paul A Young again.

The day before yesterday Richard had the best idea in the world. You see I realised I had missed the chocolate fair at South Bank for the second year in a row. So as you can imagine, I was very very grumpy. I wanted to go so badly that I was considering going down to Bristol to go to the one the one they were having there!  But after deciding that it would be a bit much, Richard said that we should do a tour of chocolate shops around London and we did! Well more of a mini tour, we went to four shops and it was probably the best day of my life.

I think so far Paul A Young has to be my favourite Chocolate Shop in London now, both of the chocolates I got from there were quite literally DIVINE. Richard had a cigar leaf caramel chocolate from there too, he loved it but I don't think cigar chocolate is quite my thing, it's definitely something to try though!

We also got some macaroons from La Maison du Chocolat, I'm still quite new to the macaroon thing, I can't quite decide what to think of them! Tasty enough to eat, that much is true. I can't decide between the rhubarb and custard one and the bannoffee one for my favourite. I'd never had chocolates like these before so I won't lie I was a bit skeptical, I thought they might be too sweet or gooey or whatever but they were literally perfect! The only disappointing chocolate was a strawberry and balsamic vinegar from Prestat, it didn't really taste of anything, I thought but all in all this was a very tasty day. I also got a velvitish (i'm not quite sure!) leopard print shirt from Rockit. Good day all around. 

I would definitely recommend that anyone in London do their own chocolate tour, I only bought a couple of chocolates in each shop so it wasn't a particularly expensive day and so much fun even in the miserable weather!


  1. A chocolate tour is definitely a great idea! I'll have to try that!

  2. Chocolate can definitely chase the rainy day blues away! TFS

  3. Have you tried the Marmite chocolates from Paul Young? They're not to everyone's taste, but I really rather like them! Glad you had a fun Chocolate Adventure!

  4. I saw them but decided against trying it because I really wanted to try the banoffee one and the raspberry one too! I think I will next time though!

  5. You really must, they're quite something!