Thursday, 26 April 2012

Gilmore Girls - Love of my life.


When I was in 6th form I got into what is now and probably always will be my favourite TV series of all time: Gilmore Girls.
Now back in Northern Ireland I very easily found a group of people who also loved the show. We frequently tried to organise Gilmore Girls nights that never actually happened but having a group of like minded people around me who either wished they had the same mother daughter relationship that Rory and Loralie have or ranked them both at the top of their wish lists of who to have a threesome with, (incest, gross!) was good enough for me.
Then I moved to London. No one, I MEAN NO ONE understands my love for Gilmore Girls here. They mock me for having a terrible taste in TV and brand Loralie as annoying. I find this genuinely upsetting probably because it makes me a little home sick for my Norn Iron friends but my love for Gilmore Girls will never die. Here's why:

Nothing properly bad ever happens
Unlike a million other programmes were characters are dyeing, plotting murders, cheating (although Rory totally has a mischievous side!) and generally putting you on a massive downer. Although the Characters have their flaws they all genuinely mean well and think they're doing what's best for those they love. The only problems they have is boyfriend stuff and homework, everything else is great.

No description needed.

Not only does she have the most hilarious voice when she talks, she's a really good singer and she's generally adorable
Rory is a VIXEN
She pretty much cheated on Dean (although it was with Jess so we all understand) and then a couple of years later slept with him whilst he was married. Damn girl! 

Stars Hollow
Firstly, Who wouldn't want to have Stars Hollow as their address? Secondly the place is just great with its town meetings and all the fairs. It's also so damn QUIRKY. I mean Al's Pancake world doesn't sell pancakes?!? They have a Churchogogue (that's a church and a synagogue mashed together) They go to the cinema in a book shop and have 24 hr dance-a-thons! Who wouldn't wanna live there?!


I love you to Rory, I love you too.


  1. Hello! I'm a friend of Vicky's, and I want you to know that I, too, love the Gilmore Girls! Is there anything better than how fast they all talk? Or Miss Patty? Or that "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" song that gets stuck in your head for days? A-mazing. :)

    Jenn (

  2. I just caught some reruns on Soapnet Sunday as I was in my office working on some projects. I love that show too! I totally agree with your characterisations. I love Sookie's quirkiness and Michele's snide remarks. And yes, who wouldn't want to live in Star's Hallow?

  3. It is pretty darned awesome isn't it. Usually I have to watch it online but they have it on 5* her now so I get to watch it everyday yaaaaaaaaaaaay!