Saturday, 13 July 2013

What do I like?

First off, I'm on Bloglovin YAY!

One of my favourite Etsy shops is one called Wit and Whistle, I love the style and originality of it all, It's the sort of shop where I think "Dammit! I wish I thought of that!" But I didn't and I've thought of my own idea's that I'm really happy with, but you know, that said I have been a little bored of drawing all the same stuff recently and wanna think of some new ideas. I have come up with a few like 'Malcolm the Moustached Manatee',   'Hypno Penguin' and the 'Gentleman is nice to' illustrations and I'd like to think of more.

A Gentleman illustration that needs to be improved upon

I was creeping through the Wit and Whistle blog and noticed that Amanda (the lady behind it all) had been drawing plants around her house, now, I live in a shitty flat (in a wonderful location) with three boys and we're all students so lovely plants, or indeed anything lovely at all is not what you'd find here. I figured she must like plants at least so I decided to think about what I like, it's simple but a good place to start.  I think that's what's important when trying to be creative in any sort of sense, nothing will be original if the object you're drawing or the occasion you're writing about isn't personal to you in some sort of way. Originality is something that's really important to me, as much as I sometime's wish I had come up with another artists idea i'd never want to do anything dodgy and nick them or anything. I wouldn't even want to get TOO inspired by them (if that makes sense) as I want my illustrations to be completely my own, artists like Amanda inspire me to keep creating my own original style, so that maybe as time moves on and as I hopefully improve someone else will look at one of my illustrations and think 'I wish I thought of that!'

Holy Moley Congratulations card from Wit and Whistle
(I wish I thought of that!)

So... What do I like then?


This is an obvious one - specifically manatees, walruses, puppies, turtles, penguins bears and many more.

Giant pairs of pants

And I mean it. Top shop have been selling really awesome pants lately, like moomin ones and spacey type ones too that I just can't help but buy. I once accidentally bought a pair a few sizes too big and they were so. Damned. Comfortable.


A very stereotypically girlish choice, but i'm addicted. I was thinking I could incorporate this into an Easter card or illustration.

Tina Fey



Cakes specifically, and cheesecakes... oh dear cravings hath begun!


I'm not really a plant or flowery person but I do enjoy a sunflower, I think because they're big like my face. I tried drawing some last night but I wasn't particularly impressed with myself. But I will persevere.


There are some really cool ones in Greenwich Park, which is just around the corner from me. I should really make the most of this whilst I'm still in London.

That's all I can think of at the moment and now I'm feeling inspired and hungry for cake. It's weird, this is the first time I've gone into a blog post feeling grumpy and felt much better afterwards specifically because of what I wrote.... so yeah, yay blogs!

I'm going to put a pretty dress on, go into central London and draw some pants.


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