Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hypno Penguin

The weather here in London is still disgustingly hot, the sort of hot that makes me want to stay inside all day.  However, weather like this does make an evening in London ridiculously pleasant. Yesterday one of my best friends was in town with her boyfriend. We strolled around Camden whilst complaining about the weather and catching up and ended the day with beers by the lock. It was lovely and it's got me really excited about living in Belfast.

So there's been a lot of strolling and window shopping in central, and the last two photo's are from said trips. The very last one was from this awesome little cafe just of Long Acre run by two Sweedish guys, it's adorable and the pastries in there look so damned delicious. I'm a little on the broke side though, so I got a raspberry fizzy drink instead and tried to draw some pants.

 Which leads me to my first and only question: Why do I find it so hard to draw pants?? They seem like such an easy thing to draw in theory but I can't quite get the hang of it. I'm going to keep at it though, as I am starting to like the way I draw granny pants.


p.s I wanted to give Hypno Penguin a bit more recognition. I think he's great and YOU ARE UNDER HIS COMMAND! 

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