Thursday, 11 July 2013

Holy beautiful weather!

This was a little woodlandy part by the station

Poor old tree

Glorious weather in London! There's been a lot of reading in the park and some trips too. On Monday we decided to go on a little mission to find the totem pole at Virginia Water. Finding the totem pole was actually very easy but getting to lake was a little more difficult. We didn't realise how far it was from Virginia Water train station and we ended up having walk down this road filled with massive houses and the odd mansion - we couldn't help gawking at them like the filthy peasants we are. If any Englishy (or you know... anyone at all) types are reading GO TO VIRGINIA WATER. DO IT NOW. It's a beautiful place to be on a beautiful day, I wish I had more photo's of the lake but at least I have this one of a dog trying to fight a swan.

Dog vs Swan

I try to avoid pictures of meals but the colours were pretty also YUM

Totem Pole

The happiest tiger I ever saw - content even.
I also popped to the British Museum with a friend, which I think is might be my favourite museum in London. I think because it's so expansive when you first walk in and the fact that I can go in there and say "let's go to Africa!" We ended up looking at the Greek, Egyptian and Japanese sections. I'd never been to the Japanese section before and it was super interesting, I mean look at that tiger! Isn't he great?!? They had loads of other really interesting art work on scrolls too.

Speaking of art work I really need to get some more illustrations up on Etsy, the plan is to do that tomorrow, hopefully all this beautiful weather wont get in the way again!


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