Friday, 19 July 2013


I think I'm finally getting the hang of drawing pants...granny pants that is!

Just spent a lovely day in London (with a breeze! A breeze I tell you!) with will at the Natural History Museum. Now, The Natural History Museum is awesome, there's no denying it but I feel the need to warn people about something in this current sticky weather. The Natural History Museum does NOT  HAVE AIR CONDITIONING! OR AT LEAST IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT DOES.

There were two reasons why we decided to go there, No. 1 was that we had watched Jurassic Park the night before (how awful is it that last night was the first time I had ever seen it??) and we thought we should continue the theme. No. 2 was we thought that there would be air con that we could benefit from... So you know... Maybe try somewhere else if you're a sweaty Londoner looking for a cool down.

That said going to the museum is never a complete waste of time, especially when you get to watch a video about Manatee's being adorable.

In other news, this weekend will be my birthday weekend! I'm going to go bowling with some friends on Saturday and to the Zoo with Will on Sunday (my actual birthday). Should be a fun weekend!

Hope you enjoy yours!


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