Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Starfish Cannibalism


Starfish Cannibalism I

Starfish Cannibalism II

Starfish Cannibalism III

Pretty colours!

Will shows some hostility to a tiny bottle of milk.

This weekend I got absolutely spoiled! It was all rather wonderful, on Saturday I lost terribly at bowling with a group of friends and one point threw my bowling ball into another lane!

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Will not only got me some lovely, thoughtful presents but also took me to the zoo, to dinner and also made me the most chocolatiest birthday cake I've ever had. Seriously! He melted two mars into the batter along with tonnes of coco powder, then added chocolate butter cream (of course) and decorated it with mini twirls, chocolate chips and half of another mars bar. I am one lucky lady, that much is true.

I need to talk about the pictures of the starfish above. It was crazy!  The big starfish was eating the little one, the poor guy. It was all very dramatic (and slow) but basically, the big starfish had caught the little one when we got there. Then, the little one broke free and then THE RACE BEGAN! Unfortunately he wasn't quick enough and the big starfish caught up with him again. I don't know how starfish cannibalism works exactly but I imagine being engulfed by a starfish is not fun.

This week will be my last week in London and it's going to be a busy one what with all the house cleaning and friend visiting. So my little shop will be closed for a little while until I get back to Northern Ireland.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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