Friday, 13 July 2012

Pond Life

Yesterday I took Tatty to the pond down the road and it bought back many memories; from my brothers/neighbours falling in, to storming off there as a stroppy teenager. Others include walking up there covered in duvets with two of my good friends the morning after my 18th birthday party, my brothers falling in (again) when they tried walking on the pond when it froze over (luckily it's not very deep) and trying to use the discarded boat that's been there ever since I can remember with my friend and my sister.
Memories from this trip will be of me being terrified that Tattie would kill the ducks, (I forgot there were ducks there) it's a good thing she doesn't like to swim...



  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures and memories! A beautiful place to take a walk. Tatty is adorable!