Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Getting My Art Print On

Hope everyone had a joyous weekend! I had a great night out with some friends on Saturday night  reminiscing about school, playing with rabbits and generally shouting a lot - friendly shouting (I think) but shouting all the same. - I then spent the whole of Sunday recovering by eating the cow cupcake my mum got me (love you mum!) and watching Saturday Night Live on Netflix for hours and hours on end. I am now mesmerised by the size of Andy Sambergs mouth.
Today we've been repainting my childhood bedroom; we live in a pretty big house and as more of the Gregory children move out it seems a bit pointless for my parents to keep living there. So one by one we've been repainting the bedrooms to more neutral colours for when they put it up for sale. I shall miss my purple walls but as they turn to cream I've realised that surely I can still put a few prints up to spruce it up a bit, yes? Yes.
There's a bit of a sea life theme going here but here are my Etsy art print finds:

Fish Print from Chasing the Crayon
Happy Racoon Couple Print from Moon Glow Art
Pigment Jars Print from Kico Art Studio
Whale Print from Swanborough Prints
Sea Turtle Print from Eastwitching
Great Gig In The Sky Art Print from VICTYM



  1. These are gorgeous! Good luck on selling your house. :)

    --Stopping by From Etsy Blog Team--

  2. So cool paintings! Love the whale!