Thursday, 5 July 2012

... But I am a dog person

THAT'S RIGHT! This post is pretty much just me boring you all with pictures of my dog (and some cows). I just missed my wee pup so much. Tattie managed not to start any fights with passing dogs but she did manage make two children cry. Before you judge my dog; they were scared of dogs already! and she was just curious about them. Luckily their screaming scared Tattie off anyway and the kids calmed down immediately once I shouted over to the parents that I  got her on the lead, so you know, it wasn't all drama. (Which trust me, it can be with this crazy dog.)

So going back to the Northern Irish countryside after living in London is always a big change. For the most part it's a nice one. It's much quieter, there's a lot more green and space generally. I always eat better at home because there are no shops within walking distance here, no buses either and I can't drive so I'm not constantly tempted by chocolate on a daily basis. I also get to catch up with my friends which is always fun! That said, towards the end of August I will most likely go a bit crazy because my favourite thing about London is the freedom I have there. I can go where I want, whenever I want. Here in Northern Ireland I can go to the pond down the road whenever I want... but that's pretty much it. So you can see how some madness might occur!

For the meantime I shall enjoy the peace and quiet! I couldn't get all my cards over here from London so my shop will be closed till September, so I'm going to take my time to come up with some new ideas and improve some old ones and maybe learn how to use illustrator along the way...



  1. I'm a dog person, too. Yours is cute but looks just a bit mischievous!

  2. Enjoy the peace and quiet...and give your nice doggy a pat on the head for me!