Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Murray Worries

This may be the best photo I ever take of my dog.

Yes Yes, my buns look like they were decorated by an 8 year old but that was the first time I've used an icing bag and I just thought it would be tasty and easy to put some sweeties on top. I also learnt the hard way that you do not put bio carbonate soda in bun mixture, a whole batch was wasted when I mistook  it for baking powder, you can see them pictured above Tattie. Said pictures were taken before I realised they were disgusting and yes I know they're burnt ANYWAY. The new batch was very tasty and was a nice snack for watching the Wimbledon finals on Sunday and I know he lost but I'm proud of Andy Murray, he tried his best but unfortunately that Swiss is a legend or something but whatever. His speech nearly had me in tears, god love him!

Tomorrow I master Illustrator YEAH!


P.S There is absolutely no order to these photos...

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