Sunday, 9 June 2013

The end is nigh!

It's been a hectic few weeks! I finished all my exams and now uni is over for good and I have very mixed feelings about it all. It's exciting as this means I can  finally start saving for some travelling and i'll also be going back to work for my old boarding school where my official title will be "Boarders Mistress"!!  I can't help but find that a little hilarious but i'm looking forward to getting some work experience in something other than retail. That said i'm gonna miss London and the people i've met here... London's the sort of place where you can just randomly have a wonderful day out, out of know where and going to live in a boarding school in Belfast will be a big change.

But you know, life changes, things move on blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaah and i plan to have an awesome last few weeks here. After a busy few days of being ill and having a friend over before he frolics off to Kenya to save some orphans I finally got a around to some drawing. I'm doing a swap with a friend of a friend who is drawing a McEnroe inspired Capybara (CapEnroe!) and Bear in pants is what i'm drawing for her in return. I also started to play around with some illustration ideas, I think my little drawings would be nice for kids so I thought I'd bring the Alphabet in on some of them... I think i'll keep it up but they could use some improving.


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