Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bear in Pants

Good Lord no work and no uni = ALEX VERY BORED!

To stave off boredom i've been drawing bears. I thought i'd try doing bear in pants a bit differently, the first one is him sitting down (although i'm pretty sure he still looks like he's standing up), the second one is what I like to think he'd look like if he wanted a hug with a wee smile on his face. It took me ages to get used to bear in pants smiling but I think he looks quite cute. I've also been baking and cooking a lot... to the point that i'm worried that might make a really good house wife... to the point that my boyfriend said to me "you're such a good little house wife aren't you?" Luckily said boyfriend cooks for me too so YAY EQUALITY!

I've finally booked my ticket back home to Northern Ireland, I'll be gone by the 3rd of July. In the mean time I'm gonna cram in london-y stuff I never did in the past 4 years so i've made plans to go to see a play at the Globe,  to go to London zoo, go up the shard, climb the millennium dome (getting super touristy also WHY AM I DOING THIS??), make a trip to Brighton and queue up for Wimbledon. 

Should be a fun few weeks!



  1. oh no, second bear looks so sad!

    But yay for touristy things! Are you moving home permanently or just for the summer? x

  2. well it will be for the next year at least, but I plan to go travelling after that and then who knows! x

  3. Your drawings are soooo cute, they make a nice card for sure.