Sunday, 5 May 2013

Soooooooo... it's been a while...

(via: Electric Kitsch Facebook Page)

Wow I feel so awkward, like a boyfriend who hasn't called in say, I dunno 6 MONTHS. I'm sorry blogger, forgive me but barely anyone reads this thing so I really think that we can get through it.

Anywho, I decided a while a go to cool it on the whole card making thing so that I could focus on my degree (hence the tumble weeds lately)... But then I got a text from Vicky telling me she was going to open a pop up shop in East London and she asked if I could provide some drawings for it. Quite frankly I just had to do it because a) I had been thinking of adding illustrations to my shop for a while and b) I've always wondered how my stuff would fare in the real world compared to the Internet. So I drew some stuff and it turns out that taking a break from drawing various animals in pants and jumpers was a good idea because I'm already a little bit behind on revision but I'm going to make up for it today I promise (she says whilst procrastination blogging) but at the same time getting back into drawing again and selling illustrations was a good idea because I've sold a few already yaaaay!

I went up to the shop, called Electric Kitsch and it's great! I got an awesome fox tote bag for me and a turtle pillow for my boyfriend from Y.H Clothing and an elephant badge from Matin Lapin for a friend.

So the plan from now on is to slowly start drawing more often so I can provide some more illustrations for Electric Kitsch and then to get fully back into it in June once I've finished all my exams. Hopefully another blog post will come sooner rather than later!


P.S. To East London types! Find Electric Kitsch here:
Unit 10, 750-760 High Road Leytonstone
E11 3BB

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