Friday, 3 August 2012

Who knew hand ball was a sport?

Even though I was never going to be in London during the Olympics, I've been grumbling along with everybody else at the thought of it. So much so that I forgot that I actually quite enjoy watching it!
The opening ceremony was awesome. It had Mr Bean, James Bond and Voldemort in it and oh yeah, by the way... we invented the World Wide Web!
 I'm quite girly with what I like to watch, such as gymnastics and diving but we've been watching the swimming and rowing down here in Cornwall where team GB (and NI!) have been doing pretty well!
Speaking of NI, after wondering how many Northern Irish Competitors there are in team GB and we only have three! (I think) but alas we are a small country aren't we. So in that case I will  be patriotically watching the men's hockey when Iain Lewers will be representing us (yeooo!) and I was cheering on the Chambers' brothers in the rowing yesterday. 

In other news I completely went against my plans to be good with my money courtesy of East Magnolia Vintage! God damn them! 

But at least I have this pretty dress...
from East Magnolia Vintage
and blouse!
from East Magnolia Vintage

Definitely check out their shop, they've got a really great collection!



  1. That dress is AMAZING. The collar is gorgeous.

    I've been watching a lot of the The Olympics too. I'm not too thrilled with the coverage here in America (heavily edited, stupid commentary, etc.) so I might actually switch over to the BBC site for live streaming. :-)

  2. Thanks to everyone in the UK for putting up with all the baggage that comes with any Olympics (traffic, security, tourists etc.) so we can convene every 4 years to be awed by athletes of every sport!

    For those in the USA, BBC's coverage is far SUPERIOR to NBC's. I know, since I've already switched. Every sport. No commercials. No mindless commentary. Cheers BBC!

  3. Thanks Paige! I'm really excited to get them although I've been eating so much here in cornwall on holiday that I'm slightly worried they wont fit!

    Mary- luckily I'm not in London for it, that said sales have gone down something like 20% compared to last summer in Central London because everyone is spending all their time in the olympic park so being there might not be as annoying as I thought!

    I don't know what the American coverage is like but the fact that I've never even thought of criticising the coverage here must be a good thing! TV in the US must be quite different to here!

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out! You were our first sale & we couldn't be more excited. Off to mail your package now! xoxo Charity |

  5. You're very welcome! I'm so excited for my dress and blouse to arrive! I saw you had a couple more sales, congrats! Good luck for the future, everything's so lovely i'll definitely be checking it out again!