Monday, 4 June 2012

A terrible tea experience

Today I went to Liberty to see if they had a watch that my sister wanted. They didn't (wah) but it did mean that I got to spend a good couple of hours trying not to jizz myself over the stationary section. They have some of the nicest cards, notebooks... EVERYTHING! I got myself a a notepad which is pictured above. It's just  too cute! Basically i've started to make  realistic to do lists in a bid to make myself a bit more organised. Other stuff on the list is just to take pictures around where I live and in brighton/worthing when I go tomorrow, something i've been meaning to do for a while. That and to tidy my room.

To do lists/goal lists are something i've noticed a lot around the blogging world, but a lot of them have very big goals and are pretty long too! (30 before 30 lists and stuff like that). I'm not dissing them at all, i love reading them and they work for a lot of people too. But I need small, easy to digest lists! If i have a big list with loads of big goals I'd get distracted with how awesome it would be to achieve it/them when I good be achieving the little goals that I need to, to get to the big goal. So all my little to do lists are build ups to the big goals I want to achieve in the long run... and also to make sure I don't spend all day watching How I Met Your Mother and reading rookie mag.

I've actually ticked one and a half of them off already. I glazed some of my keyrings/badges and I've taken photos of them to put them up on etsy but I don't like how they came out so i'll going to re do them later!

Mach Lav,


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